Zaf Shah PhD (nc), B.A., LL.M. GDL – Doctoral Researcher (Law)

Zaf was born and raised in Lidget Green, Bradford. Zaf’s father was a mill worker and his mother is a housewife, who is now widowed. Zaf comes from a family of 6, 4 brothers and two sisters. Zaf’s family was a typical working class family living in the inner city of Bradford. 

Zaf is a multi-area expert and has worked with various public and private sector organisations. He worked for the NHS as a Senior Manager for over 10 years. Zaf and his team worked across 84 GP practices in the Bradford district, addressing healthcare inequalities in the inner city. During this period Zaf was responsible for 22 staff who worked on modernising Medicines Management in the inner city of Bradford. 

Zaf is currently a Doctoral Legal Researcher and Legal Consultant. 

NHS Work and Achievements 2000 – 2010


  • National recognition for creating a robust and accountable process, that provided an assessment of the pharmaceutical and medicines management standards of the QOF. This improved healthcare in GP practices in and around West Yorkshire.
  • Created on-going work to establish effective two -way communication between GP practices, PCT’s and other relevant stakeholders including secondary care. Robust and resilient links forged with PCT and external NHS service providers.  
  • Development of an under-skilled GP practice workforce. 
  • Created robust business structures – finance and commissioning functions into self-managing GP practice teams. 
  • Lead Information Management &Technology function with major input into district wide governance and performance.
  • Developed and maintained strong links with community pharmacy to provide the lead for clinical governance across community pharmacies in Bradford City tPCT, to help facilitate and support pharmacy constituent meetings and to provide pharmaceutical support for the tPCT primary care contracts team when assessing and supporting community pharmacies under the New Pharmacy Contract.


Career change to Academia and the Law, with a Community Focus. 

2010 – Present

  • In 2010 Zaf embarked on a new challenge and decided to pursue a legal career but one that is focussed on litigation and Anti-Terror legislation. To that end, Zaf is currently undertaking a PhD in Anti-Terror legislation with Leeds Beckett School of Law and working as a Legal Consultant. 
  • Zaf has previously advised local government on the PVE (preventing violent extremism) agenda. This appointment as a Muslim affairs specialist allowed development and better understanding of Muslim affairs from a local community perspective.
  • Zaf has also provided training to the West Yorkshire Police on community Cohesion and Racial Awareness. Zaf continues to try and help various government agencies understand what can drive a person to become a violent extremist. 
  • In partnership with the Bradford Churches for Dialogue and Diversity, commissioned to provide racial awareness and community cohesion training to trainee Vicars and Priests. This will enable a greater understanding of issues that affect Muslims living in the UK.
  • Zaf is a member of Bradford University Programme for a Peaceful City which promotes community peace and development. 
  • Zaf has previously been a member of the Common Good Network. A network chaired by the Bishop of Bradford to foster cohesion across people from all faiths and no faith.  
  • Zaf has been a frequent contributor on BBC Radio Leeds, and BBC Asian Network, discussing issues that affect young people as well as National and International News Headlines that may affect our local communities. Zaf has also featured on various TV programmes with the BBC.
  • Zaf has also been involved in mentoring and coaching students with the University of Bradford and schools within the Bradford District, by creating a positive impact on people’s lives through motivation and raising Higher Education Aspirations.
  • Zaf is fluent in four languages, English (native speaker) Hindi, Punjabi, all dialects and Urdu. Zaf has travelled extensively across the world and enjoys experiencing other communities and cultures. 


Other Key Achievements 


  • Former British Tae-Kwondo Champion
  • Qualified for the Commonwealth games 
  • Worked on the Telegraph and Argus Cancer research appeal, assisted in cancer awareness and facilitated partnerships with local business.
  • Helped raise awareness for Testicular Cancer in BME Communities 
  • Zaf in partnership with Cannons Cottingley organised a Charity Fun Run in aid of fallen PC Sharon Beshenivsky. Zaf helped raise in excess of £10,000 for the family of Sharon. This was supported by West Yorkshire Police and Bradford Council.
  • Former Board Member for Bradford Vision on behalf of C-Net
  • Facilitated on a voluntary basis for Peace Jam, which is an exciting and innovative international peace education programme for schools and youth groups in the UK. It is the only education programme devised by and involving leading Nobel Peace Laureates who work personally with young people to pass on their spirit, skills and wisdom, tackling issues ranging from violence, racism, problem solving skills, and conflict resolution. 
  • Organised and delivered workshops on Preventing Violent Extremism, Community cohesion and Racial awareness for several Police forces across the United Kingdom
  • Worked with Bradford Churches for Dialogue and Diversity – Workshops on Gender and Generation in Muslim Communities

Provided Networking Support to the University of Bradford Crocus Cancer Appeal.

Sectors worked in and routes taken:

NHS, Public and Private Sector.

Having left school at 16, Zafs route was not traditional.  Zaf attended Bradford college at 18, followed this by a B-Tec in Science, B-Tec in Pharmaceutical Science, and an Access in Science. Zaf then went on to read IR and Security Studies, and Contemporary Issues in Criminal Law, achieving a BA(Hons). Zaf then read for a Master of Laws achieving a (Distinction), and the highest overall grade in his cohort. Currently Zaf is reading for a PhD in the Law.


Zafs interest in academia began in 2010 and over the last decade his interest was sparked by regularly engagement with West Yorkshire Police and colleagues from the legal profession and academia. When he completes his PhD, Zaf will continue to work with the Legal profession and Academia. Zaf has expertise is in the Law, specifically, General litigation, Anti-Terror legislation, and online radicalisation, et al. 

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