Victoria Hartford – Director

Director of Primary Carlton Academy Trust

I was born in Manchester, my mum was only 16 and we lived on a council estate called Limeside which was affectionately referred to as Crimeside.

I am the only person in my family who has ever been to university.

I always wanted to become a primary school teacher.

Throughout my career, I have held several positions in various educational establishment. These roles include being an Advanced Skills Teacher (Maths), Leading Maths Teacher and Leading Maths Coordinator. I also have a comprehensive amount of whole school turnaround experience; where I worked for the Liverpool Improving Schools Programme for 3 years. I have also held leadership roles in Fresh Start Schools and short term placements to support schools Requiring Improvement. For three years I also worked for the National College of School Leadership, where I was qualified to coach and mentor middle leaders in schools across the North West of England.

More recently, I have supported many schools locally and nationally via my role as Headteacher at Marshfield Primary School and a Local Leader of Education.

In December, I became Director of Primary for Carlton Academy Trust.

Sectors worked in and routes taken:
Springwood Heath Primary School, Liverpool.   Advanced Skills Teacher in Mathematics
Childwall Valley Primary School, Liverpool Assistant Headteacher
Childwall Valley Primary School, Liverpool Deputy Headteacher
Gwladys Street Nursery and Primary School Acting Headteacher
Marshfield Primary School, Bradford Headteacher
St Matthew’s Primary School, Bradford Executive Headteacher
Carlton Academy Trust,
Director of Primary

What I would like to get involved in

Inspirational talk

Mentoring / Coaching young people

Visits to my place of work

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