HH Judge Tahir Khan (KC)

Tahir’s father was born in a village in the Punjab region of Pakistan. His father had farmed the ancestral land in the village and the decided that he would come to England to make a better life. He came to Bradford where Tahir was born in 1964 in the Little Horton district. Tahir is one of six children. His parents were neither educated nor wealthy, but they knew the value of education and hard work. Tahir was educated at state schools in Bradford and went to Liverpool Polytechnic in 1982 to do his law degree. He was the first person in his family to go to university.

In 1985, Tahir went to the Inns of Court School of Law, in London, to train as a barrister and in 1987, he got a job at the Crown Prosecution Service as a junior prosecutor. For the next five years, he prosecuted small criminal cases in the Magistrates Courts in Bradford, Keighley and Halifax, before being invited to join Broadway House Barristers Chambers. This led to him prosecuting and defending much more serious cases including cases of murder and other complex crimes.


In 2004, Tahir was appointed one of Her Majesty’s Recorders, (a Fee Paid Judge), trying cases in the Crown Court.  He regularly had to preside over trials involving allegations of historic, sexual abuse.


In 2011, Tahir was appointed one of Her Majesty’s Counsel (Queen’s Counsel) and since then, his practice has been almost exclusively in prosecuting and defending cases of the utmost complexity and seriousness. These include murder, complex fraud and terrorism cases.

Sectors worked in and routes taken:

Inns Court School of Law

Trained here as a barrister in 1987 

Crown Prosecution Service

Worked here as a junior prosecutor for 5 years prosecuting small criminal cases in Bradford, Keighley and Halifax

Broadway House Barristers Chambers

This led to prosecuting and defending more serious cases such as murder

Crown Court

Appointed as one of Her Majesty’s Recorders in 2004, presiding over trials involving allegations of sexual abuse In 2011, I was appointed one of Her Majesty’s Counsel

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