Simone Reid (MSc) – Managing Director and Personal & Leadership Coach

They say the first 5-7 years of each person’s life are the most formative. These the ones with the life-long capacity to define our academic experience, quality of adult relationships, career prospects and so much more. Simone’s formative years were certainly laden with trauma, abuse and deprivation; all of which exposed her to a ghastly range of unsavoury outlooks statistically. Predictions which would paint a picture of a bleak adult experience. Creating the perfect blueprint for a destructive cycle to be experienced and repeated any children she would go on to have, IF, a seismic change did not happen. Seismic change did happen!

Simone’s progression went on to defy her odds. Here’s a story which champions the message: “No man is an island,” thankfully, she didn’t have to achieve this change in total isolation, also this, “Change is possible, and it starts with you.” You and your voice matter. Despite an early academic experience, which was well epitomised by her GCSE French teachers comment on her homework, “Simone, this work is a fiasco, come and see me.” Simone has been able to defy the fate which early childhood traumas had laid out for her. Changing the trajectory of her academic career she went on to; achieve a BA (Hons) in International Relations and Security Studies and build a nine-year long career in Compliance for the UK’s leading Debt Management Charity. During Simone’s time at the charity, she sought to identify her deepest core passions and purpose and began developing Personal and Leadership Development Programmes for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. This work, coupled with her employment experience expanded her vision, and therefore, her need to increase her own professional capacity. Simone completed her MSc. in Human and Organisation Capacity Building for Development from the prestigious School of Social and International Studies from the Department of Development and Economic Studies, at the University of Bradford. This allowed her to not only better support students, but teachers, individuals, employees, employers and leadership teams across all organisations to maximise their performance and achieve effective and sustainable results. Helping them get from where they are, to where they want to be. Now the founding managing director and CEO of the Dandelion Organisation Ltd, a personal and leadership development company.

Simone has anchored herself, in full alignment with her life’s purpose, in a career which helps individuals and organisations to breakthrough, to maximise their potential and achieve their own sustainable, successful and fulfilling life. In her role as a transformational speaker and success strategist, Simone loves getting to work with students, young people and others to find their voice, breakthrough the limits of their beliefs and circumstances to achieve. The founder of the Dandelion Organisation’s highly transformative iDO Breakthrough Programme. Simone developed a unique success system which has the capacity to wrap around every student at all levels, even the most vulnerable to maximise their academic performance. We work directly with students. Our company also works in school, colleges and universities to support teachers and leadership teams to continue to develop great strategies for supporting their students, especially those from underrepresented groups and disadvantaged backgrounds. One of the greatest achievements and highlights of Simone’s career has been the achievement of 5+ SEND students, predicted 1,2 and 3’s for their GCSE’s go on to achieve 4,5 and 6’s and ALL go on to the further education of their choice! Change is possible, and it starts with you.

Sectors worked in and routes taken.


Bar tending in a Working Men’s Club as its been managed by my parents for decades now.

Third Sector

Post graduating the first time, knowing I wanted to work for a not for profit organisation, I did some temporary work for an agency and whilst there continued looking online. Found job advertisement on Reed. Applied, interviewed, did tests, got the job.

Health and Wellbeing Sector

Opportunity presented by a life-long friend, which allowed me to develop my own entrepreneurial muscles and apply to my own deeply held passions and purpose.

Education Sector

MSc. in Human and Organisation Capacity Building for Development. Developing and implementing programmes for personal and leadership development for students in schools and colleges. Launching my own company. 

What I would like to get involved in

Inspirational talk

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