Sharena Lee Satti – Poet, Spoken Word artist, Educator

Sharena Lee Satti is an independent Artist, Poet, Author, Spoken word artist and Workshop facilitator. She is really passionate about poetry and self-expression through creative art and spoken word.  Sharena co-founded Spoke in January. Spoke is a community-based organisation run by Bradford-based artists that brings together emerging and established poets and performance artists to reach new people and places with poetry and spoken word.

Her first poetry publication was published by “The Verve Poetry Press” which saw her book “SHE” stocked in local Libraries and received such incredible feedback from people such as The Former Lord Mayor Doreen Lee and beautiful messages from local organisations. 

Sharena shares her love of spoken word through performance art and has contributed immensely over the past few years, she is an influential, uplifting voice in Bradford, spreading her empathy and love of poetry in her local community, she believes in the power of art and poetry and is truly passionate about helping others and inspiring others to see their own potential. Being a voice for the voices unheard.  

She writes poetry about her own personal life, current environmental issues, social stigmas, homelessness, poverty and discrimination. She speaks openly about her past and the struggles she had to endure. Growing up in a dysfunctional environment. Sharena left school education at a very young age due to her home life, she was left caring for her mother and younger siblings which cost her, her own education. She struggled with her own identity being mixed-race (English, Indian and Pakistani) and also finding the will to push through life’s barriers that she faced. She found her voice through poetry and writing. It gave her a new lease of life. She uses her natural talent to encourage others to find their voice through poetry and self-expression

Sharena is an education influencer. Sharena has been nominated for the British Indian awards Media, Arts and Culture and was selected as one of the ’21 of 2021′ creatives most likely to impact Bradford’s cultural scene.

She has recently been associated with The Verve Poetry Press, Kala Sangam, SAHM, Writers fountain, The Leap, Bradford Literature Festival, NHS, MKIAC, Liverpool Arts Festival, Sangam Festival, Abda Khan, Bradford Producing Hub, Same Skies, Leeds Arts and Health Wellbeing Network, ODI Leeds, Northern Lands, Ilkley Literature Festival, Bradford Libraries, Leeds Lieder, BBC Leeds, Drystone Radio, BCB Radio and BBC Radio 4.

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