Philip Davies MP – Member of Parliament (Shipley)

Department of Corporate Services – IT Services

Enterprise Architect and Business Systems Manager

Philip graduated from Huddersfield University with an Upper Second-Class Honours degree in Historical and Political Studies. Before being elected, Philip worked for Asda for 12 years, working his way up from the bottom to be a Senior Marketing Manager.

Philip was elected as Conservative Member of Parliament for Shipley in 2005 and was re-elected in 2010, 2015, 2017 and 2019 with a share of the vote of over 50%.

He also leads on the smart cities technology for the council, which can help transform the lives of the citizens, from sensors and devices in homes to the environment they live in. Yunus’ ambition is for Bradford to become truly a technological incubation hub in the country for innovation and creativity in the smart cities space.

Born and educated in Bradford, Yunus’ career started off by graduating from the University of Bradford, with a degree in Computer Science, and starting his first job with Bradford Council as a Junior Computer Officer where he worked himself up to where he is now as the Head of Enterprise Architecture and Business System Management.

Yunus has achieved and holds the following roles:

  • Recognised by the World CSR Congress as one of 51 Global Smart Cities leaders 2018 – 2019 and 2019 – 2020 
  • Winner of the Partner Excellence Award with Ele at the iNetwork Awards in 2018 – 2019
  • Winner of the Most Creative Video at the iNetworks Awards in 2017 – 2018
  • Finalist in the Local Government Challenge in 2015/2016
  • Launched the LoRaWAN (Low Powered Wide Area Network) and Things Network (Leeds and Bradford) – one of the first open to the public network for IoT (Internet of Things) devices in the United Kingdom and in the North
  • Chair of the Yorkshire and Humberside National Cyber Security Centre
  • Lead at the National Cyber Security Centre Training Programme
  • Member of the National Technical Reference Group
  • Chair of the Yorkshire and Humberside Warning Alerts and Reponses Point
  • Chair of the Yorkshire and Humberside Public Sector Network and Health and Social Care    Network (Technical Procurement)
  • Member of the Industrial Advisory Board – University of Bradford
  • Chair of the GIS Board for the Council
  • Chairmen for Unite the Union at Bradford Council
  • Chair of Governors at Westbourne Primary School
  • Bench Chairman of the Bradford and Keighley Magistrate Courts – Adults
  • Bench Chairman of the West Yorkshire Family Panel

Yunus is the youngest Bench Chairman in the West Yorkshire Region to hold both Judicial Posts as a Magistrate.

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