Mohammad Ali – Senior IT Account Manager 

CCS Media Bradford

Born and raised in Bradford. I grew up in a Council estate area, living with my family of seven. I have six sisters and being the only boy, my sisters treat me with so much love, which is well deserved for coping with all six of them!

I am 23 years of age, been working with CCS media for slightly more than 4 years now. I started my journey here as an Apprentice thinking of only short-term goals (hoping to complete the apprenticeship and do something else) – My journey changed, when my mind set changed.

I started my working life when I was 16 as I was influenced by my parents. So instead of having the idea to continue studying at 16 I was forced by our financial circumstances. Many times, I have had to exclude myself from many socialising opportunities and for that reason I slowly became isolated.    Everybody has problems in many ways, and I don’t think I’m any different to anyone. We are all capable to achieve and become who/what we want to. I have proved this to myself, I’d never expect to be where I am today and that’s because there are people out here who care, who have listened to me, who guided me when I needed it the most, yet I didn’t know the after effect until now.


If my story/journey can inspire youths, then I’m more than happy to speak up as sometimes life can take you down a difficult route. Looking back, if I gave up at the age of 16, I wouldn’t be where I am today at the age of 23, and the mind set continues for many years yet to come.

Sectors worked in and routes taken:


Cleaner > Hands on Chef

Next Warehouse

Picker & Packager 

What I would like to get involved in

Inspirational talk

Mentoring / Coaching young people

Visits to my place of work

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