John Robins QPM DL – Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police

Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police

John has over 32 years of policing experience, all in West Yorkshire Police and was appointed as a Constable in West Yorkshire Police in 1990. He worked in a variety of roles and ranks throughout West Yorkshire.

As well as uniformed policing, John specialised in community policing, crime reduction, intelligence development and operational planning.

John was for many years a nationally trained Hostage Negotiator, dealing with numerous suicide interventions, as well as kidnaps and criminal sieges.
In 2003 John was posted to Bradford as the Superintendent in charge of Operational Policing.

During his three years in Bradford he dealt with many high profile local events, commanded numerous policing operations and assisted the community to recovery after many periods of heightened tension.

In 2006 John was promoted to Chief Superintendent at the Force Headquarters, overseeing Criminal Justice. In 2008 John became the District Commander of Kirklees, once again dealing with sensitive policing operations that attracted both local and national media coverage.

In 2012 John became an Assistant Chief Constable, taking the lead on Workforce, Development and Standards. He subsequently took on the role of the Assistant Chief Constable in charge of Local Policing across the Western side of West Yorkshire.

In 2014 John became the Temporary Deputy Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police, leading on Professional Standards, Ethics and Equality. In 2017 John was appointed as Deputy Chief Constable.

In December 2018 John became the temporary Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police.

In July 2019 John was appointed Chief Constable.

Sectors worked in and routes taken:

Policing, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice   


From Police Constable to Chief Constable



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