Dr (Neil) Harry Ashurst (Anaesthetist)

Consultant Anaesthetist in Bradford

Harry is a Consultant Anaesthetist in Bradford. He went to school in the local comprehensive in Birmingham. He went on to Leeds Medical school in 1982 and then into ‘house’ jobs and anaesthetic training, mostly in Yorkshire, becoming a consultant anaesthetist in Bradford in 1996. He had the opportunity to travel in training spending time at the King Edward hospital in Durban in South Africa in 1992, a fantastic experience and a great time to be in the country.

In his anaesthetic career he has had some excellent opportunities and experiences, to not only be a doctor and anaesthetise 1000’s of patients for their operations, but also get involved with other elements of healthcare. Becoming clinical lead for the anaesthetic department, deliver education and support to other trainee doctors, get involved with national societies and associations, set standards and quality improvement for anaesthetic practice and get involved in the clinical governance all helping to improve the care given by the NHS.

And now as the Lead Medical Examiner for Bradford, making sure every person who passes away in Bradford, has had the best care they can and giving the relatives an opportunity to discuss their care. This new service to help assure the public that care around death is as good as it can be and where it isn’t we learn to make it better next time. It’s an exciting and challenging role.

Harry is passionate about the quality of care he gives and the contribution he makes to healthcare in Bradford. He feels it is a privilege to treat and care for patients. It’s very much a team approach and gets to work with some fantastic and inspirational colleagues. Medicine requires a lifelong learning attitude, every patient is different, there are many challenges which makes every day very different.

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