Revd Dr George Williams JP (B.A.(Hons), M.A, Ph.D, M.A, M.A., C.Th M) – Magistrate and Retired Vicar

Magistrate and Retired Vicar

George was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, was educated at the Prince of Wales school (Sierra Leone) and studied at Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, University of Waterloo Canada, University of Bradford, St John’s College Nottingham and Nottingham University.

He worked as a Project Planner for the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning in Sierra Leone, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at Nottinghamshire County Council in the early 1990s, with joint responsibility for monitoring over 500 community groups receiving £3.2 million grant aid from the council.

He trained for the Ordained Ministry, was ordained at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, served as a curate in Enfield and has recently retired as the Vicar of Allerton after twenty-one years. He was tutor for the external studies course programme at St John’s Theological College, Nottingham.

He single-handedly raised the funds that resulted in the construction of St Francis Village hall in Allerton, enjoyed visiting schools and taking assemblies during his time as vicar, and did support local voluntary projects.

He is also a member of the Bradford West Rotary Club.

He enjoys reading, water colour painting and a passionate believer that education is a vital key to life’s goals and opportunities. He contributed a chapter in a book entitled “Towards Sustainable Project Development” and has written several occasional project documents.

He is married, with a son and granddaughter.

Sectors worked in and routes taken:



George holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Geography, Masters in Theology, Mission and Ministry and a Ph.D in Project Planning.

    Sectores Worked

    George comes with extensive experience working in the community and engaging with local groups on projects affecting their general wellbeing.

    He also has a teaching/planning/pastoral background, having served as a teaching assistant at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, working in Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom as a project planner and later as a priest within the Anglican Church.

    He is also a Magistrate on the Bradford Bench for over ten years, having sat at the Crown Court, Family Court and presently Criminal Court.

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    Inspirational talk

    Mentoring / Coaching young people

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