Emma Smail – Head of Academy North

I left home at 15 due to family problems, did not have much of a childhood, the first 15 years of my life was tough, came from a very strict family which unfortunately meant I had no life.  After leaving home at 16 and finishing school I had to very quickly find a job to enable me to afford to live on my own. I met a lady on a bus one day who said her company was recruiting. The next day, I knocked on the door and had an interview for a sales Job. I had no clue what it was, just knew I needed to earn money.

I quickly got into it, got paid a basic wage and earnt myself a bit of commission on top. I was very determined that not only did I want to make a good life for myself, live on my own but I wanted to earn enough money so I could live a nice life.

This didn’t happen overnight, I had many years of only earning enough to pay my rent and bills but I could see that if I worked hard I could earn more money.

At 18 I finally had enough deposit to buy my own house, still only really having enough money for bills and mortgage but I had my own home. 

21 years later after a lot of determination and hard work I am the Head of an IT Academy. I own my own house have 2 children and yes, I now have spare money after paying my bills and mortgage.

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Sectors worked in and routes taken:


Started as an account manager in the same industry as CCS Media 

Head of Academy 

After spending many years selling, I started working with the Academy, working with young people coaching them to how to sell and become Account Managers. After a couple of years doing this, I progressed to become the Head of Academy. 

What I would like to get involved in

Inspirational talk

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