Ellie Mae Stevens – AK Teaching, Primary Education Consultant

AK Teaching, Primary Education Consultant

With a rich background as a primary school teacher, I have dedicated my career to fostering holistic educational experiences for young learners. My journey in education has now evolved into a role as a Primary Education Consultant, where I blend years of classroom experience with innovative recruitment strategies to enhance learning outcomes and provide schools with excellent staff who create nurturing educational environments.

As a qualified children’s yoga instructor, I incorporate mindfulness, relaxation and physical activities into educational settings. This approach helps in promoting mental well-being, physical development and emotional balance among young learners. The techniques I introduce aim to improve strength, balance and gross motor skills, which are crucial for children’s overall growth.

Sectors worked in and routes taken:

Education -Teaching


3+ Years experience as a Primary School Teacher.
Qualified and experienced Children’s yoga coach.

    Education – Recruitment

    In my third year as a Primary Education Consultant, supporting Leeds Primary Schools with their recruitment needs.

    What I would like to get involved in

    Inspirational talk

    Mentoring / Coaching young people

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