Dr Frances McGregor JP – Senior Lecturer

Senior lecturer at The University of Huddersfield

I’m a senior lecturer at The University of Huddersfield where I work in the business school, where I teach, research and undertake an international role. My previous work has been within UK policing and in the banking sector, focusing on people and business. I’m also a JP within the West Yorkshire bench.

The first time I left school at the age of 16, I had two GCSEs. I’d not found school the place for me, it was like being a vegetarian in a world where everyone else only ever ate meat or fish. I went back to school, got a bunch of nine GCSEs so I could join the world of work. I would like to be able to share with people who are either in school or have left ages ago, that there are still opportunities – that university can come later, that we can change and we can have new adventures and careers.

I’ve now got three degrees and I’m an academic at a university!! My teaching involves employability skills and would be able to work with you on skill development, especially the soft skills that employers want you to have.

Sectors worked in and routes taken:



In the market café washing up, delivering newspapers, working in a shoe shop, working in a bakery, working at a place that made false teeth and then in a fork lift truck spare part supplier. None particularly successful or enjoyable!


    First ‘real job’ after school, in the private sector, general banking, moved to specialised cash management, moved special investigations, then got involved in people management, then HR.



    Whilst working, I went to university and studied professional HR degrees. It hadn’t been something I could do when I was younger. In the final year of study, decided I’d get a new job!

      What I would like to get involved in

      Inspirational talk

      Visits to my place of work

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