Daniel Ekis – Former Professional Rugby League Player

Former Professional Rugby League Player

1998 I left school with no qualification and didn’t sit any exams, so unsure of what path I wanted to take but due to having some good friends 3 years older than me who were joining the military this influenced me to join the Army at 16 but didn’t work out due to a medical discharge (high blood pressure).

2000 I became a life guard for the council, the same year signed professional for Halifax Blue Sox.  In 2001 I made my first professional super league debut against Castleford Tigers. I was 19 years old, this lead to me becoming a full time professional athlete.
In 2002, I changed rugby clubs and signed for Keighley Cougars until 2005.  In 2003 won the National League 2 Grand Final on Sky TV, due to my season that year I toured for Great Briton under 21s in France.

During the 2004 season, I started my journey in child care working with vulnerable young people with challenging behaviour.  In 2005 I was awarded a helping hands award by Bradford Council for making a difference in an education setting where a young person attended a PRU.
I played a further 7 years at a professional standard with clubs such as York City Knights and Rochdale Hornets and retired in 2012.

Towards the end of my rugby career in 2010 I took my child care job more seriously and gained a diploma in Health and Social Care so that I could apply to be a team leader.
In 2014, I then enrolled on a diploma level 5 to apply to become a manger, which I have now gained 8 years’ experience as a registered OFSTED manager in children’s homes where so far I have gained a strong ‘GOOD’ in all areas.
12 months ago I applied for the retained fire service which I was successful.
I may of left school with no education and feeling worried about my future but because I have always believed in choosing a positive peer group along with engaging in all types of sport, I feel that this was the key to keeping me focused and safe from negative distractions that can have detrimental effects on you without realising and before you know it you have to fight your way out of a hole.

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