Daniel Balaz – Company Director/Head of Services

Company Director/Head of Services Connecting Roma C.I.C

I have been a full time interpreter for over 10 years where I have managed to build an extensive portfolio and created important links. I have seen first-hand the barriers and challenges the Roma people face here in the UK. I have therefore set up an organisation that is able to set objectives and bring in the right support for the community that is very much needed.

I have created services that have been contracted by the local Council and we have been involved and set up projects that have made a huge impact on Roma individuals, families and to the Roma people as a whole here in the UK. I have set up business and are constantly looking on ways of supporting Bradford City.


I have been an interpreter/translator full time for over 11 years where I have managed to build an extensive portfolio working with NHS, Police, Social Care and many other local and National organisations.

Sectors worked in and routes taken:

Patient Administration Clerk BRI

In communities Housing Officer

Santander Probate Call Handler.    

Debt Management












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