Chris Lawley – Assistant Branch Manager (AK Teaching) and Founder of The Revelry Collective

Principal Consultant at Empowering Learning

After numerous sales roles I found a passion for Education. However, In Education recruitment I found a role that is perfect for my passion (Education), my skills (Sales and marketing) and what I like to do the most (Talking to people and helping them) I have worked in Education for over 15 Years and supported schools all over the globe, however now I am happy to support the schools of west Yorkshire.

As a recruiter, my day is varied and busy. My favourite part of the role is visiting and supporting schools. Meeting students and staff and seeing that what we do in the office is making a difference in the schools I support.

As well as my “Day job” I have started and continue to run a Fashion Business called The Revelry Collective.  The Revelry Collective are much more than a fashion brand, we are a Mental Health brand, an advocate of breaking the stigma, a link to people finding the best support and much more. This idea came from a dark place to create light for others. During the last few years I have had to be everything from a fashion designer, an accountant and even a web developer in order to get this up and running. Again, it comes with the added extra that what I am doing is actively changing and potentially saving peoples lives.

When I am not working, I concentrate on the other important roles in life, A friend, a family member, a partner and most special to me… A daddy

Sectors worked in and routes taken:

Various roles in multiple organisations

    Entrepreneur Set up and own a Mental Health Business
    Fitness Industry

    Started in sales and worked my way up to General manager
    At 19 I was a Personal Banking Manager (youngest in the UK)

    What I would like to get involved in

    Inspirational talk

    Mentoring / Coaching young people

    Visits to my place of work

    15 + 4 =