Andrea Eli – Channel Director

Andrea grew up on Canterbury Estate in the 70’s. Back then the estate was very much a community and everybody knew each other.  The estate wasn’t without a number of challenges including extreme poverty and crime. My amazing Mum was a single parent and worked 3 jobs to support her children but we still faced many challenges financially and I’d say we had very little. As I grew older I made the decision that I wanted a better life. I joined a company in 1991 called ISA International where I had a sales role as a junior telesales rep. It was in this role I felt I had exactly the same opportunity as everyone else – where I grew up didn’t matter. Within 6 Years I went from Junior sales to Sales Director.  In 2006 my entrepreneurial self-decided I wanted to set up my own company. After a year of pondering I decided to take the leap and finally achieved my dream – Ventura Office Supplies was born. Within 5 years the business was turning over £1.6M. In 2019 I was awarded UK Business Woman of the Year for SMEB category of the Forward Ladies National awards. After 12 successful years I was approached by EVO Group and asked if I would join their management team and sell my company to them. EVO Group is the UK’s leading supplier of Office Products. My current role involves the management and growth of five channels, with a budget in excess of £200M. As a leader my entire focus is on making people better than me by nurturing growth.

Sectors worked in and routes taken:

Office Products 

Started at the bottom and worked my way up through hard work and determination

What I would like to get involved in

Inspirational talk

Mentoring / Coaching young people

Visits to my place of work

I’m keen to share my story with under privileged children and parents. I’m keen to work with gill on the justice system side – if I can talk to young offenders and offer anything to get them off the wrong tracks I’m keen to do so

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