Capt Alan Wrigley JP BSc MPhil DHyp FRAeS CBiol MBIH AIL


Alan was born in a terraced council house in a suburb of Oldham at a time when some items were still rationed as part of the post-wart recovery period. His father was a butcher and his mother worked one of Lancashire’s numerous cotton mills.

Alan was lucky enough to get to grammar school where, despite a slow start, he gained 8 O levels and 3 A levels. From school, he went to Bradford University, taking a first degree in biology. That was followed by a year on the staff as a research assistant and then a master’s degree in biochemistry.

Due to poor opportunities for scientists at that time, he took a sideways step and became a writer in advertising agency that dealt with high-tech clients. Preferring to be in charge of his own work-life balance, Alan eventually set up his own consultancy, which he operated successfully for over 25 years, alongside his other business interests.

Spotting a gap in the market, Alan opened from scratch a record shop that brought the first independent label music to Bradford, alongside science fiction books and magazines. He also co-owned a student night club for almost a decade.

Having been a private pilot for a while, Alan decided on a career charge to commercial pilot, starting as an instructor and then moving on to become a captain for one of Yorkshire’s regional airlines. Having passed the compulsory retirement age for airline flying, he maintains his flying skills as one of the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s senior flight examiners, working part time both in England and in Spain, where his reasonably good Spanish makes life easy.

Due to his aviation activities, Alan was honoured with a fellowship of the Royal Aeronautical Society and is a Liveryman of The Honourable Company of Air Pilots as well as a Freeman of the City of London.



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