What is the benefit of becoming a Business Champion?

There are a number of benefits to businesses for building a long term partnership with educational institutions. With the Bradford District being the youngest population in Europe, it gives the city a great future full of opportunity and therefore its young people must be looked after. Businesses see the young people as a future skillset; engagement with these local children in schools, colleges and universities is paramount. Preparing young people with fundamental business knowledge and skills is necessary, knowing they are the next generation of labour force. 

Businesses have a need to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibility. They have a vested interest in their community and the environment. Building a constructive relationship with education providers, businesses are supporting the needs of young people by taking an interest in their learning, educational outcomes and also the wider social issues. In turn, this will have a lasting positive image on the business, attracting young people, future employees and clients who share the same values. Ultimately, leading to company profits and a competitive advantage.

Sharing expert knowledge and skills with schools, colleges and universities is something businesses can be proud of. Whether this is done via hands of experience, mentoring and coaching, or business representatives visiting the education establishments, businesses are developing the skillset of young people. In doing this, businesses are creating a strong pool of local workers to recruit from. 


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