Business Champions

The Business Champions

The Business Champions section of the Yorkshire Champions Group is in its early stage of development and will be formed as a natural progression and follow on from the Community Champions. The Business Champions will be made up of thousands of businesses across the region. We are fully supported by the North West Chamber of Commerce (who represent 30,000 members) and Bradford Breakthrough (who represent 40 of the city’s most important organisations, both private and public sector.)

Our website will create a platform for all our schools, colleges and universities to form a lasting and constructive relationship with businesses across the region. It will open a gateway for businesses/companies to offer a unique service. They can provide an insight both visually and hands on, into the world of work today. This will give our young people a realistic opportunity to understand and appreciate the world of business and its opportunities. It will enable them to understand how the businesses function on many levels.  And now, with the new technology and ‘Artificial Intelligence ‘ many of the career paths, they may have taken, will cease to exist. 

The Business Champions, will help to focus their minds, expectations and ambitions. There will be visits to businesses, hands on experience, mentoring, business representatives visiting schools, colleges etc, which will open a whole new and exciting world for the students. Schools will play a full and active part in requesting what they need, as well as embracing offers proposed by businesses. They can base that need on curriculum, interests, age, and the individual strengths if students. And this service is ‘free’! Students will meet, and be able to have a rapport with real people in business. And form a safe and continuous relationship if needed, over the school years. Long term mentoring can take place, with a view to possible apprenticeships, work placements, and future employers. The businesses can offer sound guidance, experience and the opportunity, to see first-hand, what they produce, or what services they provide. 

Through our website, and its facilitator’s, our schools and businesses can reach each other through a simple format. It will also allow us to take on board their individual needs, suggestions and feedback, which we will be constantly monitoring, and striving to improve as we go along. 

Our aim is for this new, amazing and exciting initiative, to benefit both the young people in the region and the business world. In addition to that, the businesses will not only fulfil their ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ which is hugely important, especially in today’s current economic climate. They will without doubt, be contributing to the successful future of our next generation.


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